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Super Vegitox Cleanser is a skin cleanser with a special cleansing recipe that gives you the effect of drinking a glass of detox juice a day.

Super Vegitox Cleanser is a green juice pack formula with 15 high-fat beige ingredients, including a powerful antioxidant that is effective in removing and cleansing skin toxins, lime extracts, shrub extracts and 49 nutrient-rich superfood spuplina extracts for the human body.

The fine bubbles that naturally occur immediately upon reaching the skin purify the skin primarily, and secondly cleanse the fine wastes between the fine dust and the fluff and pores inside and outside the skin neatly.

If you do not rinse immediately when the foam comes up after rubbing it on your face and leave it for one minute, then you can enjoy the moisturizing effect with the effect of cleansing your skin.

This product is highly recommended for those who want to make skin smooth!

How To Use

  1. Punch the Super Vegitoks Cleanser to the size of a coin and apply it to your forehead and chicks.

2. When the bubbles come up, massage your face and cleanse it.

3. Please wash with lukewarm water without irritation.

Q & A

1. The contents do not come out well when pumping

For the first time, you use the ball pumping 3–4 times, then it comes out.

2. The cleanser does not bubble well.

If you pack your face dry and spread evenly, bubble comes up in time. It must be applied on dry face to give a lot of bubbles.

3. It is a new product, but there is a bubble floating. Is not it bad?

Floating bubbles are naturally occurring due to the nature of the formulation, so it is not a defect of the product.

4. What is being touched like a grain?

It is a naturally derived seaweed jelly contained in a green juice formula. It is not harmful to the skin and smoothly helps to remove wastes and exfoliation.

5. How do I tighten the new pump?

After opening the cap of the new product, insert the built-in pump and tighten it.

In the case of a new pump, turning it counterclockwise will open the pump and allow it to be used.

Also, when you change the pump to use, the bubble is always tied to the pump cock,

If Oxygen and the contents meet, bubble occurs naturally, and this is not a malfunction of the product.

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