INNISFREE Super Volumecara 10g

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What it is

1. Volumizing effect with the bold spoon-shaped brush! 
This volume mascara delicately fills in between lashes with bold spoon-shaped brush for luxuriant eyelashes. 
2. Delicate volume like a neat layer of bricks 
Plate powder formula neatly, delicately volumize lashes without becoming patchy. 
3. Black Effect Complex for deep black lashes 
Black Effect Complex containing black soybean and black pearl extracts makes eyelashes intensely deep black and healthy.

What else you need to know

* A washable-type mascara easily removed in lukewarm water. 
- When washing the face, sufficiently moisten lashes with lukewarm water to soften the mascara film. 
- Lightly wipe off mascara to clearly separate lashes from it.

How to use

1. Evenly coat lashes with the U-shaped side of the brush by facing it upwards and comb from their roots. 
2. With the ∩-shaped side of the brush facing upwards, apply the mascara on lashes as if combing them for volumized eyelashes.

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