Silicone Squeeze Feeder (rice paste bottle)

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  • Convenient way to feed your baby milk, formula, first pureed foods and cereals and to help make feeding time easier and less messy.
  • Simply fill the soft silicone bottle with your baby rice or puree and gently squeeze until the desired amount of food collects on to the spoon to feed baby.
  • The squeeze feeder comes with protective cover for easy storage and less waste whilst feeding on the go.
  • Holds approx. 90 ml / 3 oz - BPA Free. 6 months plus


1) Please test the temperature of food before feeding.

2) Never heat the rice paste bottle with food.

3) Please do not heat the rice paste bottle by microwave oven

4) Please use rice paste bottle under adult guide

5) Change new one if you rice paste bottle broken

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