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* Dr.Lash Ampule
1. Patented nutrient-enriched night nutrition for eyelashes.
2. Eyebrow and eyelash concentrated composition.
3. Complete ophthalmologic test and complete clinical trial.

* Dr.Lash Serum
1. Wrinkle-improving functional cosmetics.
2. Lotion-type eyelash serum that can be used as a substitute for eye serum and cream.
3. Make simple eyelashes with one serum for the day and serum + ampoule for the night..

How to use
* How to use - Ampoule
STEP1. Mascara and eyeliner remover Cleanse beautifully to leave no water.
STEP2. After taking the appropriate amount, thoroughly apply the eyelash root using the hooking tip. 
You can also apply to the eyelashes under.
TIP. It is most effective when you sleep and sleep between 10:00 am and 2:00 am when the most 
growth hormone is secreted. 
※ By adopting a curved ampoule tip that comes in close contact with the eye line, you can easily 
apply the contents intensively to the eyelash root.

How to use
* How to use - Serum
Try both day and night as a substitute for eye serum and cream.
(Apply separately as the step before eye cream.)


Expired Date

Dr.Lash Ampule 6ml [ EXP 2021 JUN ]
Dr.Lash Serum 6ml [ EXP 2021 JULY ]

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