TRUE ISLAND Honey Bee Royal Propolis Solution Serum 40ml

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Layer your moisturizer over the Honey Bee Royal Propolis Solution serum (RM99) for a more complete skincare regime!


1) This highly concentrated honey essence provides moisture and nutrients that leaves a natural glow.


2) Hypoallergenic - does not contain paraben, mineral oil and benzophenone-4 that can irritate the skin, making it safe to use for sensitive skin.


3) The antibacterial property of honey helps in controlling acne.


4) Enhances elasticity by strengthening the skin barrier.


'Enhance your beauty, enhance your confidence...'



After toner, take one pump and apply it evenly onto the skin following the texture and dab the application for faster absorption.


Qty: 40ml (Lasts for 2 months of daily usage)


Contains propolis extract 40aug and royal jelly extract 37.8aug.

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