HOLIKA HOLIKA Gudetama Ver.2 Hand Cream Set 30ML * 3

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Holika Holika Gudetama Ver.2 Handcream Set

Hand cream set with cheese cake, sherbet and custard flavor. Natural egg ingredient gives the skin an incredible softness and leaves the delicate flavor. Also, the cream deeply nourishes the skin, prevents dryness and flaking, reliably protecting it from moisture loss. Dessert making ingredients milk, butter, eggs, oil and other ingredients give gentle and soft hand care. Natural oils eliminate flaking and irritation, giving the skin a soft and silky touch.


Set includes:

Gudetama Sherbet Hand Cream

: Melting sherbet gives quick absorption NO!
: Fresh scent and melting sherbet texture hand cream.


Gudetama Custard Hand Cream

: Soft moisture custard cream soft texture, high moisture!*
: Sweet scent and soft texture custard hand cream.


Gudetama Cream Cheese Hand Cream

: Thick applying cream gives rough and dry hands rich hydration!
: Soft cheese scent and elastic texture cream cheese hand cream.


How To Use

After washing your hands, apply moderate amount.



30ml x 3

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