Combo Set A3 - Pink and Cream

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1pcs double breast pump

1pcs cooler bag 

2pcs ice pack 

2pcs nipple

3pcs bottle

1pcs nursing cover (random pick) 

Warranty 1 month 



Product Detail:

-Keep the temperature over 2-6 hours at room temperature,the higher the food temperature is, the longer the time of keeping food is.1 ice packs estimate can keep breast milk cool for 8-12 hours;2 ice packs estimate can keep breast milk cool for 16-20 hours.

-Stylish double layer bag

-Ideal for carrying out fresh milk and food

-Two main zippered pocket

-Easy handle and carry

-Material : Outer Layer: Polyester Oxford Fabric 600D, Middle Layer: 10mm EPE, Inner Layer: Water Resistance PVC

-Size : 24 x 16 x 26cm




Product Description Real Double Breast Pump :



The latest version Real Bubee Breastmilk Pump enable every mother to feed their babies with breastmilk easily and offer them the best experience and comfortable. More comfort means more milk, in less time.

The Unique design of breast shield means no more lean forward for mom and the Unique massage cushion gently stimulate milk flow.


  • Double electric breast pump
  • Pump Features ; 12 DIY cute expression
  • BPA free
  • The bottle capacity : 150ml*3
  • Power source : USB connection only ( powerbank, USB power port, etc)
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