3CE Duo Cover Crayon

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Easy-to-blend shades for customized correction, so you can enjoy perfect coverage whenever and wherever you are.

Anytime, anywhere! Simply dab on your face to cover any imperfections. Goodbye, skin concerns! Ultimate concealers are finally here! Just pick the shade that suits best to your skin concerns!


  • # 01: For basic skin tone coverage and to cover up blemishes.
  • # 02: Helps to reduce redness from flushing and acne as well as cover brown pigmentation and dark under-eye circles.
  • #03: For pigmentation coverage and colour correction.
  • # 04 For shading and highlighting to give your face more depth and dimension.

Expiry date:

  • Duo Cover Crayon (01): 19th December 2019
  • Duo Cover Crayon (02): 20th March 2020
  • Duo Cover Crayon (03): 30th March 2019
  • Duo Cover Crayon (04): 15th July 2019
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