MISSHA All Around Safe Block Mild Sun SPF30 PA++ 50ML

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Feels lightweight moisture and fresh texture on your skin. Protects against UV rays.

100% mineral filter mild sun cream consisted of the minimum essential ingredient to help prevent skin irritation.

1. For Sensitive Skin
With minimum essential ingredient, it is mildly applied to the skin, blocking UV rays with less irritation.

2. Hypoallergenic Sun Cream with 100% Inorganic UV Blocking Filter
Including 100% mineral UV blocking filter for extra soft sun care.

3. Sun cream that is erased only with First Step Cleansing
When easy washable conditioning system that is included in the product meets water cleanser, it melts down and is removed only with first step cleansing.  


1. Used at the last step of skincare. 
2. Gently spread over the vulnerable areas to sun rays which are face, neck, arms, and legs. 
3. Reapply as needed when you spend a lot of time outdoors

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