TRUE ISLAND Alaska Glacier Water Aqua Moisture Gel Cream

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Moisturizing gel cream helps hydrate and revitalize the skin from deep inside.

Alaska glacier, hyaluronic acid ingredient of this moisture gel cream forms a moisture protective film and help to moisture skin.

Suitable for dry and sensitive skin cause with 50,000 ppm Hyaluronic ingredients of this moisture gel cream form a moisture protective film and help to moisture skin. 

Suitable for oily skin due to its gel type formula and Glacier Water contents. 

If you are having problem of dry skin due to Malaysia's weather or air conditioning environment, this is the perfect cream and solution for your skin.

#Containing 30,000 ppm of Hyaluronic Acid

1. Aqua Essential Emulsion is naturally absorbed into the skin. 
As fresh and moist emulsion is absorbed into the skin mildly and smoothly,
not leaving a sticky feel, it keeps the skin moisturized and satiny all-day long. 

2. Moisturizing and Energizing
Mineral-rich glacial water from Alaska and waterful hyaluronic acid turn dry
and rough skin into healthy skin fully hydrated, by supplying enough moist to the skin.

3. Bouncy Texture Full of Moisture
Waterful emulsion in bouncy texture which is full of water is quickly absorbed into the skin,
smoothly permeating throughout the skin.

4. Hypo-Allergenic Formula Safe for Skin Health
It is very safe to use as it is free of paraben, talc, triclosan,
and benzophenone-5 that may cause irritation to skins.


How to use

Take out an ample amount and apply it at the last stage of basic skin treatment
evenly onto the skin following the texture and dab the application for faster absorption.
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