About Us

Legally registered company under Oomoridotmy Enterprise (IP0435222-D). We aim to provide the best service, tailoring to our customer needs. Do shop with us with confident!

Our History

Established in 2013, Oomori.my used to be known as Stuff From Jepun which sold best, affordable stuff from Japan and shipped directly from Japan to Malaysia.

The company was founded by Ms Intan who was back then stayed in Yokohama. In our early days, we began our shop on Facebook with only 5 products, all from Japan. As days went by, we began to grow larger and larger and the number of many loyal customers started to grow.

Realising the potential, in 2014, we took a big step by moving our business to an online store to bring a much better shopping experience to our dear customers.

As Ms Intan moved back to Malaysia, Stuff From Jepun was not really relevant for her thus Oomori.my is born! 大盛り(Oomori) in Japanese means "Large Serving" . It suits the business nature which now offers a variety of products! 


Thank you for visiting Oomori.my. We wish you to have an enjoyable time browsing and buying our products. You will not be disappointed. Happy Shopping!

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